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This week's free pattern: Straight needle flannel


The original pattern for this is called a sinkmate.  You can find it on Ravelry or google

'ravelry sinkmate'.  It costs $2 and is a very different interesting quick to knit pattern.  

Even better it is sold in aid of the Special Olympics and the designer has

raised over $6,000.00 dollars.


Materials:  30g Pure cotton yarn in main colour

                  10g Pure cotton in contrast colour

                   Pair 4mm needles

                   Stitch marker

                   Yarn needle to sew in ends



Skills: KSSO - Slip 2 stitches together as if you are going to knit them together, then knit a stitch and pass both stitches over the knitted stitch.


Method: Cast on 72 stitches with contrast colour

              Knit 5 rows of stocking stitch (1 row purl 1 row knit)

              Row 6 Knit 30 stitches, then cast off 11 stitches knit last 30 stitches (61 stitches)

Change to main colour.

              Row 7 K 29 stitches, place marker, knit into the back of the next stitch, pull yarn tightly across the gap and knit last 31 stitches.

              Row 8 K all stitches (keeping the yarn tight across the gap).

              Row 9 K to marker KSSO, Knit to end

              Row 10 Knit

Repeat rows 9 and 10 until 1 stitch remains.  Cut the yarn and pul through the stitch,  finish by sewing in ends.