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•Tuesday 19th March - Learn at least 10 new ways to cast on for temporary, stretchy, and decorative edges.


•Tuesday 26th March - Learn at least 5 new ways to cast off:  for stretchy, gathered and decorative edges; including the no sew sloping shoulder seam.  


•Tuesday 2nd April - Continental knitting – useful for knitting in the round where few purl stiches are needed.  If you struggle to knit easily; learning a new method can also help teach your hands a new movement.


•Tuesday 9th April - Continental knitting expanded with the purl stich for two colour rib knitting and for textural details.


•Tuesday 23rd April - Reading a chart for colour work and learn the cheats way to make a colour work sample!  This is a very visual way of following a knitting pattern, exploiting the colours for Fair Isle, or picture knitting and would be a good class linked to the continental knitting class which introduces the other technique needed for Fair Isle.


•Tuesday 30th April - Reading a chart for cable knitting.  If you don’t like following written instructions and want to see the whole pattern you are supposed to be knitting, then a chart for cables is for you.  I love these!


•Tuesday 11th June - Top down knitting for those of us who don’t like sewing up knitted garments!  Start a baby cardigan where you can use straight or circular needles.


•Tuesday 18th June - Top down knitting for women’s sweaters using circular needles.  We start this process and then talk about how to make a good fit as the sweater progresses.  Top down allows you to try the sweater to find an ideal sleeve and chest fitting and then you can adjust the length of the sleeves and body to suit you and the yarn you have.  This is a good approach when you have a limited yarn and you are unsure about how far the yarn will go.  Do you choose a bracelet length sleeve or a cropped top or add to the yarn and add length?


•Tuesday 25th June (or ask for an alternative date) - My favourite cardigan pattern is top down, with all the shaping done in the first 20 rows, and then its straight down.  I will show you a great way to pick up stitches to choose the width of the sleeves to suit you.  The class includes a discount of 15% from the kit.  Choose from the suggested patterns curated by me, or make the beautiful striped 4ply cardigan as seen below, in a yarn of your choice.  (I am making one and have already chosen the yarn for my next cardigan!)



Classes are held in the shop from 10am to 3pm, Tuesdays at £45, to include buffet lunch and refreshments.  .